Our latest IoT device anonymously tracks the number of visitors that come to your premises, with an option to include data on temperature, humidity, air-quality, and air pressure.

The standard footfall monitor

The standard footfall monitor prototype.

How does it work?

We assume that for every person who doesn’t have a mobile device, there is someone who has two or three.

We count the unique devices and log them in a database, but remove the device name and any identifying data such as the date/time it was seen.

Finally, we check the database regularly and send the number of devices that have been seen since the last check to a statistics server for analysis.

The only thing that is sent to the analytics platform is the number of mobile devices. No information about the mobile devices leaves the tracker.

Sounds a bit “Big Brother”, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, we’ve thought about the security and data recording concerns, especially in the light of GDPR.

Our device creates a unique I.D. for each scan it carries out and only logs the hardware address of the phone or other mobile device, not the name.

The unique I.D. can’t be tracked back to a particular time or date, so it’s not possible to know when a specific mobile device was in range of the tracker, only the number of new devices seen since the last scan.

What does it look like?

We’re working on a final design that will blend seamlessly into the environment around it, however for now the standard foot-fall only device is approximately 9cm x 4cm x 2cm.

The enhanced climate and foot-fall monitor is larger at 16cm x 9cm x 3cm.

Future iterations will come with a choice of colours, shapes, power (including Solar), and connectivity, to make sure that it doesn’t stand out in your premises.

The all-in-one climate/footfall monitor

The combined climate and footfall device prototype.

Do I need to provide anything?

The current design uses WiFi, so it can connect to either your business WiFi or a local community WiFi if you have access. We also need a standard UK plug socket for now,
although we’re working on a solar-powered version for more remote locations as well.

In the future, we’ll have versions that use different types of radio including 3G Data (like your mobile phone) and something called LoRaWAN for rural areas where mobile and WiFi connectivity may not be available.

How much does it cost each month?

Footfall Only

£30 + VAT/month

  • Footfall Tracker
  • Access to full data set and graphing platform
  • Technical Support
  • 25% discount on workshops and training

Footfall and Weather

£75 + VAT/month

  • Everything included in the standard tracker
  • Climate data including temperature, humidity, air pressure, and particulate matter
  • 35% discount on workshops and training

Coming soon!
  • Solar Power
  • Long-range Wireless connectivity
  • Additional metrics

How do I start tracking visitor numbers?

Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch very soon to talk about installation and our free training course on accessing and querying the data.


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