Our IoT Launch Kits contain everything you need to get started

Pre-configured to forward your data to either your own private LoRaWAN Installation or The Things Network, all of our launch kits include a site survey to ensure that you'll get the best possible coverage and installation by our engineers.

Smart Buildings


  • Designed for schools, offices, and other buildings
  • Able to monitor any space from Basement to Rooftop
  • Discover room usage rates and heating efficiency
  • Save money on energy bills by changing heating patterns
  • Easily add more sensors to measure air quality, parking space occupancy, and many other metrics
Smart Rural


  • Designed for larger estates, including small farms and historical properties
  • A range of up to 20km (12mi) depending on terrain
  • Monitor the environment in houses, poly-tunnels, barns, grain storage facilities, and other buildings
  • Keep track of the temperature in silage bins, compost heaps, water storage facilities
  • Monitor soil moisture levels in the fields
  • Easily expanded to include soil and water PH Levels, animal tracking, whether gates are open or closed, and many other metrics
Smart Everywhere


  • Designed for large farms, country estates, and multiple rural communities
  • All the benefits of the "Smart Rural" launch kit as well as these extras
  • Ensure that the levels of grain/water/slurry in silos, ditches, containers, and pits is within acceptable range
  • Easily expanded to include "smart" mouse/rat-traps, track machinery around the farm and surrounding areas, and monitor levels of ammonia from waste heaps

* All prices are exclusive of VAT at 20%.
Site surveys and installation may accrue additional expenses depending on location, our sales team will provide more details on this when they get in touch.

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