Rural Management Solutions

The hosted IoT offering that grows with your organisation.

Take control of your environment with a fully managed solution from Mockingbird Consulting.

Towns, Cities, Parks, Country Estates, and Office Blocks - we can help you understand at a glance what is happening on your estate.

Sensors, connectivity, and a management dashboard are all included for one low monthly fee.

We’re listed as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier so public sector organisations can purchase in confidence through their usual procurement channels, and our commitment to sustainable and ethical environmentally friendly business practices ensures peace of mind as we tackle the challenges of climate change and environmental management.

We focus on the technology, so you can focus on the results

Whether you want to monitor the number of people passing through a particular area, air quality near busy roads, or water levels in local rivers we've got a solution and we can help you in three easy steps.

Step 1 - Finding out how we can help

A 10 minute phone-call with one of our consultants to discuss the areas you want to know more about and how we can help you, followed by a 30 minute follow up to let you know our proposal

Step 2 - The site survey

A day spent on site ensuring that the plan matches the reality, including a meeting at the end of the day to let you know what we've found and what the next steps will be.

Step 3 - Installation and commissioning

We'll work with your maintenance and facilities management teams to install and configure the sensors, gateways, and connectivity required for the project, and run a series of workshops for your staff on accessing and analysing the data they are now able to see. We'll also provide you with all the information you need to get support if you require it, and we'll atrrange for a series of follow-up calls and meetings to ensure you're getting value from the platform.

Get started on your journey

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