Multiple Retail Premises

Environmental monitoring, customer satisfaction recording, and cold chain management for larger retail organisations.

You've got multiple branches, your layouts are all the same, but your customer behaviour is different in each location.

Our environmental monitoring solution can help you understand the different customer flows, satisfaction levels, and environmental context across all of your premises, as well as automating some of the mundane by necessary tasks your staff undertake each day, freeing them up to serve customers more effectively.

Monitor your environment

What happens if I change the temperature in my shop? Is the air too humid for my produce? What's the air quality index like in the building?

These questions and many more can be answered through installing our room monitoring sensor.

Capable of letting you know temperature, humidity, air pressure, and even air quality, our platform combines the data we collect with the other sensors in the kit to provide you with a complete analysis of how the environment is affecting the way people behave in your premises.

How happy are your customers?

Monitor customer satisfaction at multiple points in your store

Alongside the smaller feedback devices included in the Independent Retailer kit, we include a much larger device which is perfect for placing by the exit to your store for general feedback, whilst the smaller devices could be placed on a particular counter or in a certain aisle to gather information about that specific area. With up to five customised buttons on each device, and a surface that is fully antibacterial, you can be confident that even in a post COVID-19 world your customers can leave you simple feedback on their experience.

Our data analysis platform can then show you the current level of customer satisfaction, trends over time, and even match patterns in customer satisfaction with other environmental sensors within your premises!

How close am I to reaching store capacity?

In a post COVID-19 world, it is more important than ever to know how many people are entering and leaving your store

Our customer counters sit either side of your shop door way and count the number of people who enter or leave your premises.

We can process the data from these devices in real-time and alert either you or your customers if the number of people inside the shop gets close to or breaches a particular level, allowing you to ensure that safe social distancing is maintained.

Automate the mundane

How much time do your staff spend checking any cold chain equipment on site? Depending on the number of fridges and freezers, it could be hours of time when it is all added up.

This kit contains a temperature sensor designed to take temperature measurements every 15 minutes and record the data in real time. If you don't have cold chain equipment, the sensor works equally as an additional environment sensor to monitor temperature and humidity in a second location.

Our analytics platform can then send alerts to the instore team if the temperature reaches a set threshold, ensuring you can fix issues before any regulatory requirements.

Monitor loading/parking bays

Running a "click and collect" service? Unable to monitor your loading bay remotely? Customers waiting for too long in their cars by the store entrance?

We understand the challenges of managing vehicle access to your premises. Our Parking Lot Sensor (PLS) is fixed to the tarmac in a loading bay, click and collect space, or car parking space and will send a message when a vehicle enters or leaves the area.

Use it to track the amount of time your collection point at the store door is occupied, send alerts to your staff when the next delivery arrives, or expand the solution out with additional PLS devices and monitor how often Parent and Child or Accessible parking spaces are used throughout the day.


Ideal for shops with multiple branches or larger premises, this kit provides all of the functionality of our Independent Retailer solution at a larger scale, along with additional sensors to help with your logistics

Key Features
  • Encourage safe social distancing by limiting the number of customers in the shop
  • Learn how your environment shapes customer behaviour
  • Understand your customer satisfaction levels with multiple feedback points around the store

Hardware: £2,399 + VAT & Delivery per site

Monthly Subscription (for each group of 5 sites): £250 + VAT

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The more we know about how our customers behave, the more we can tailor the shopping experience to their needs. As your stores grow and change, you can add more sensors of any type that we stock across our entire range to give you even great insight into the way your stores work.

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