Independent Retailers

Customer Satisfaction and Environmental Monitoring for Independent Retailers

Do you run an independent retail business? Would you like to know how your customers feel about your service, how many customers you have each day, and whether the environment in your shop is affecting their behaviour?

Our Independent Retailer kit provides you with all this data, and can easily be expanded to monitor more about your business - data-driven customer relationships which have been available to large supermarkets and chain stores for so long are now available for smaller businesses too!

How happy are your customers?

We've all seen the large customer feedback buttons at airports and in larger shops, but did you know that you can get smaller versions for your own counter or shop doorway?

With up to five customised buttons on each device, and a surface that is fully antibacterial, you can be confident that even in a post COVID-19 world your customers can leave you simple feedback on their experience.

Our data analysis platform can then show you the current level of customer satisfaction, trends over time, and even match patterns in customer satisfaction with other environmental sensors within your premises!

What is the average spend of my customers?

Calculating the average spend of a customer just got a lot easier!

Our customer counters sit either side of your shop door way and count the number of people who enter or leave your premises.

Our data analysis platform can give you the number of customers who visited, and then you can divide your daily takings by that number to work out your average spend

Monitor your environment

What happens if I change the temperature in my shop? Is the air too humid for my produce? What's the air quality index like in the building?

These questions and many more can be answered through installing our room monitoring sensor.

Capable of letting you know temperature, humidity, air pressure, and even air quality, our platform combines the data we collect with the other sensors in the kit to provide you with a complete analysis of how the environment is affecting the way people behave in your premises.


Perfect as an introduction to our Environmental Monitoring Platform, this kit for independent retailers gives you all the insight you need to start making data-driven decisions

Key Features
  • Know how many customers have visited you each day
  • Learn how your environment shapes customer behaviour
  • Understand your customer satisfaction levels

Hardware: £999 + VAT & Delivery

Monthly Subscription: £50 + VAT

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Know more, adapt faster, get more business

We all know that collecting data and turning it into information is what enables the large companies to get ahead of their competitors, however up until now this kind of technology has been too expensive. Our kits reduce the costs to an affordable level, ensuring you get a competitive edge over your rivals regardless of their size!

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