WiFi is just one solution that we offer

Your Data, Your Community, Our Networks

We know that all communities are different. Our IoT solutions are tailored to your needs.

We use multiple technologies that are best suited to your environment in order to get the data you create to the place you need it.

Supporting Community Decision Making

We know that decision making is the most important thing that you do in your day to day work. The decisions that you make as a community leader or manager within your organisation have repercussions for all those around you.

Our expertise in collaborative working ensures you can create the data sets that you need. Our knowledge of infrastructure means we get that data to where you want it.

Rural vs. City

The requirements of an inner-city air-pollution assessment are very different to a rural traffic monitoring project.

The challenges in launching an IoT Network vary from place to place. In a city or large town, municipal WiFi networks are common and the distance between access points is frequently less than a few meters. In rural environments, it can be many miles between the sensor and the access point it sends the data to.

We use a combination of WiFi, LoRaWAN, and GSM (mobile phone) networks to fit with your environment and use-cases. Whatever the terrain, we have a solution for you.

Visualisation and Analysis

Data is useless unless you do something with it. We can run a statistics platform for you in the cloud, or work with your own Systems Engineers and software teams to deploy a solution on-premise.

We also partner with Data Science organisations to help you analyse the data you and your communities create.

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