The people in your community are the reason for its existence. The common idea or goal that you are all working towards is something that they truly believe in – whether that is improving air quality, enhancing flood water warnings, or protecting animals in their local habitat.

Our training courses on collaborative working apply just as well in the public and voluntary sectors as they do in the corporate environment, and our digital journey project can help organisations of all sizes and types.


You’ve got the goal and the team, what do you already know about the area?

Often the data about a local area is either badly formatted or requires further Freedom of Information Act requests. Working with you to collect data about your area, we also help you understand how to process that information.

Open Data is something that we are passionate about. We help organisations release the data they create in ways that allow others to make use of it.

We also provide advice and guidance on privacy in the age of the Internet of Things.


You have your goals, now how do you collect the data?

We can support your community in the design, build, and deployment of sensors to collect the data you need.

We will guide you through the options available to you.  Explaining the technology as we go, we can ensure that your network has the capabilities you need to succeed.

Why not contact us and see how we can help your community build effectively on its mission?


Mockingbird Consulting