Collaborative Working

Ideas are no longer developed in a single location, but by teams around the world. Our Collaborative Working courses prepare young people for the global workplace.

The young dreamers

The first course is aimed at 10 – 13 year olds and touches on source code management and using collaborative workflows and practices to co-create an object in CAD software. The object is then 3D printed at the end of the course for the students to take home or for you to display within your organisation as part of a physical materials, design, or technology topic presentation area.


The New Engineers

The second course is aimed at those aged 14 years and older. It dives deeper into collaborative working strategies, testing and quality assurance practices, differences between test and production environments, and how to ensure confidence in the resulting product. At present, the output of this course is a small website advertising the skills that the student has used, however, we are working on a related course that will also result in a 3D printed artifact.

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