Digital Journey Workshops

Struggling with your Digital Journey?  Our workshops help you create a clear route to your destination.

Mockingbird Consulting’s Digital Journey Workshops can be delivered at your offices or as part of a wider “away-day” team experience.

The workshops cover a wide range of subjects, from sessions on how to write good run-books for your operations teams, through to adopting Kanban and SCRUM across the business, and even defining what “Doing DevOps” actually means.

Agile outside the IT Department

Agile Software development practices have their roots in the LEAN manufacturing processes and the concepts developed at Toyota during the mid-20th Century.

This half-day workshop discusses how these methodologies can be applied to other departments, and provides some simple exercises and framework documents that can be used to implement the key parts of the workshop in the wider business.

DevOps – It’s a people thing

Find out why DevOps is about much more than tooling in this handy one-hour workshop, delivered over lunch or in the evening.

We’ll take you through a brief history of DevOps, why it means more than just installing Jenkins, and how you can use it to enhance your digital journey.

Writing effective Runbooks

When things go wrong, how do you recover quickly?

We use examples from multiple industries and sectors, from Healthcare to Space Travel, to help you understand the best way to write and use Runbooks in the event of an emergency.

We’ll even give you a template you can use within your organisation to get you started!

Bespoke packages

Have you seen one of our team talk at a conference, or write a blog post that you’d like to get some training or further knowledge on?

Contact us to see how we can create a bespoke training or workshop package for your organisation.

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