Lifting Lockdown with LoRaWAN

As restrictions from Coronavirus start to lift, here's how we can help you get back into business whilst ensuring the safety of your customers

As the UK starts to look at how we lift social distancing restrictions in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, we discuss how the Internet of Things (and in particular our LoRaWAN-based devices) can help organisations gradually make the change from isolation to social interaction.

Environmental Monitoring

Recent studies have shown the apparent correlation between an improvement in air quality and the Coronavirus Lockdown, but did you know that other studies suggest Coronavirus is more likely to spread in areas where air quality is poor?

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Air Pollution recently launched their Air Quality Strategy to Reduce Coronavirus infection and it makes for sobering reading. The studies and surveys cited all point to air pollution playing its part in both the spread and the infection efficacy of the virus through inflammation of the airways.

An image of our air quality monitors

Our customer counters help you manage the number of people on your premises

Our air quality sensors can provide a guide to the amount of particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), as well as temperature, humidity, CO², and light levels in your shop, office, or factory so you can be confident that you are doing all you can to help reduce the spread of the virus - if the levels rise above the suggested guidelines, then you can increase the strength of your social distancing rules, helping your staff and customers to stay safe.

Helping Customers keep their distance

We’ve all seen the recent news reports of shops who have implemented social distancing measures such as marking out the floor with tape to indicate the 2 metre social contact barriers or restricting the number of individuals who are allowed into the venue at any given time however, with more places set to open in England due to relaxing the rules in the coming weeks, is there a more effective way to ensure that you know when you’re starting to reach a safe level of customers?

We think there is, and it comes in the form of our customer counters.

An image of our customer counters

Monitor CO², Temperature, Humidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and Light levels with our Air Quality monitor

These devices fit either side of a doorway and count the number of people who pass through. Our platform allows you to set an alert for your door staff, trigger a siren, or simply update a screen on the wall to notify your staff and customers when more people are allowed onto the premises.

If you’re lucky enough to have two entrances to your premises, why not setup a “one-way” system using a set of sensors on each doors, with the doors closest to any parking facilities you might have as the exit so customers can quickly get their goods to their vehicles with minimal chance of contact?

The “entrance” sensors count the customers coming into your property, with the “exit” sensors counting the people leaving. After that, it’s a simple question of subtracting the number who have left from the number who have arrived, and that tells you the number of people within your shop, office, or other building.

Improving “Click and Collect”

Many local businesses have turned to a “Click and Collect” style of working during the Coronavirus lockdown to ensure that appropriate social distancing can be maintained.

In these situations, customers place their orders via the phone, email, or a website and then drive to the store’s parking bay and dial a number to let the staff know that they have arrived, but what if we could automate this step further and remove the potential issues of your phone-lines being engaged when the customer arrives to collect?

As part of our efforts to help our customers enforce the social distancing rules set out by the various governments across the UK to ensure we protect the NHS and other Public Health organisations, we’ve come up with a plan to help make your click and collect setup even more efficient.

An image of our parking bay sensors

Simply glue to the surface of your parking bay and get instant alerts when the bay is occupied

The plan revolves around our parking bay sensors - simply place the sensors into the floor of the bays you wish to monitor, and then get an alert sent to your staff via email, SMS, or one of our visual indicators so they know that the customer is ready to collect.

If you’d like to take it even further, why not talk to us about integrating a camera system so your staff can check a screen for the number plate of the vehicle and take out the appropriate order without any further need for social contact?

Reducing the number of staff on the shop floor

In many areas of business, (and especially in retail), it’s essential to have staff walking the floor of your offices, shops, and factories to measure and monitor equipment so you can be confident that your organisation is adhering to statutory and regulatory frameworks, however whilst the measures for social distancing remains in place your have a responsibility as an employer to reduce the chances of your staff being exposed to Coronavirus - this is where our solutions can help.

An image of our fridge temperature sensors

Our fridge and freezer sensors reduce the need for your staff to be on the shop floor, allowing them to adhere to social distancing more effectively

Our temperature sensors can be installed in fridges, freezers, and other cold-chain storage solutions, providing you with insight into how well your cold-chain storage is performing, whilst also sending you alerts when the temperature inside the fridge or freezer rises above a set level (we recommend this is set to at least 4°C below the government guidelines, giving you time to respond and take remedial action). We can even add smart switches to the unit doors where they exist so that you can see whether the temperature change is a result of a door being left open, or something more serious.

As a result of monitoring the fridges and freezers remotely, you can assign the staff that would currently undertake these duties to other tasks that have a lower risk factor, helping them adhere to the social distancing requirements whilst continuing to receive the data you need to be compliant.

Finding the right measures for your situation

Here at Mockingbird Consulting we pride ourselves in our ability to help our customers find the right solutions to solve the challenges they face, no matter how fresh those challenges might be.

Our experience of monitoring and measuring everything from grapes to computer systems means that you can be confident we’ll have the right solution to help you implement your social distancing measures and continue to trade whilst adhering to the government guidelines in your country and helping to contain the virus.

If you’d like to know more about our solutions, or find out how we can help you get back to business while reducing risk in a post-Coronavirus world, book a meeting with one of our team below or use our live-chat at the bottom right of your screen to get in touch.


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