Announcing Mockingbird Kits

Ready to go environmental monitoring for your shop, office, factory, or venue.

Today we’re proud to announce that we’re releasing a new product line - Kits.

Our Kits provide plug-and-play environmental monitoring for your office, shop, factory, or venue, giving you real-time insights in to the way in which your customers are interacting with their surroundings.

Capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, air quality, light levels, customer numbers, and many other things, our platform allows you to configure alerts direct to your staff so they can tackle potential issues before they happen.

What’s in the kit?

The content of the kit varies across the premise types, however the core-kit on which all the others are based contains the following environmental monitoring equipment:

  1. A Gateway - The heart of the system, the gateway is supplied to you pre-configured. All you need to do is plug it in by following our simple instructions.
  2. A room environment sensor - Monitoring temperature, humidity, air pressure, light levels, and room occupancy, with an option to add Indoor Air Quality and CO² levels, the room environment sensor has a built-in screen for easy reading and runs for up to a year on just two AA batteries, all the while relaying the data it collects back to our monitoring and alerting platform for you to analyse and view.
  3. A simple customer/staff feedback sensor that can be customised to collect yes/no or good/bad responses from customers and staff

On top of the above, our industry-specific environmental monitoring kits contain the following:

Small Offices

All of the sensors in the core kit, as well as the following:

  1. Additional room environment sensors for multiple meeting rooms
  2. An option to add a room booking and management solution which integrates with various enterprise calendar solutions

Large Offices/Office Buildings

Everything in the “Small Office” Kit plus these additional sensors:

  1. An additional simple customer/staff feedback sensor
  2. A larger customer/staff feedback sensor, customised with up to four responses and a large clear display for printed questions
  3. Two parking bay sensors for use in loading bays, car parks, and other areas where vehicle management is a priority

Small Shop

Our starter kit for independent retailers and smaller shops includes all of the sensors from the core kit along with the following:

  1. A visitor counter to track the number of customers visiting your premises throughout the day
  2. An optional dual-probe temperature sensor for monitoring multiple fridges, freezers, or other temperature-sensitive areas

Large Retail Premises

As with all our other kits, the Large Retail kit builds on the Small Shop and provides these additional devices:

  1. A total of two simple Customer Feedback Sensors
  2. A large Customer Feedback Sensor, customised with up to four responses and a large clear display for printed questions
  3. An additional visitor counter to be placed on multiple store entrances or thoroughfares
  4. Two parking bay sensors - ideal for sending notifications to staff when “click and collect” bays are occupied

Entertainment Venues

Our entertainment venue kit is one of our more bespoke packages and comes with the following additional sensors:

  1. A noise sensor for monitoring sound levels (both peak noise and average levels)
  2. Dual-probe temperature sensors for fridges, freezers and other temperature-sensitive areas
  3. Two visitor counters to help enforce capacity restrictions
  4. Two parking bay sensors to monitor VIP spaces, loading bays, or similar


As with the Entertainment Venues, our Factory kits are tailored to help with the areas in which our clients find the most challenges and include:

  1. Two GPS Trackers designed for forklift trucks and other outdoor vehicles
  2. Two parking bay sensors to monitor loading bays/forklift recharging points or similar
  3. One industrial temperature sensor with probe (rated IP-67 casing) for monitoring water, oil, and other temperature-sensitive areas
  4. One industrial-grade submersible liquid level sensor for monitoring storage vessels containing various fluids
  5. One industrial-grade Carbon Dioxide monitoring sensor

The even better news is that once one of our environmental monitoring kits is installed, you can add any of the other sensors that we stock - from particulate matter through to weather stations and wind speed.

As with all our kits, our sensors come pre-configured for your environment and support is just a phone-call away.

What about the farmers?

Farming and Agriculture is and always will be a core part of what we do, however our experience has been that even when comparing two dairy farms their needs are often different enough that the Agritech side of our organisation will continue to offer a bespoke package.

We’re more than happy to include any of the sensors from our kits as well as our specialist agricultural ones when discussing our Agricultural solutions, so if you’re interested in tracking your tractors or checking the heat of your hay barns, just let us know!


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