The Green Growth Pledge

We’re signed up to the Green Growth Pledge. Here’s how it helps our customers like you.

The Green Growth Pledge Logo

When we started Mockingbird Consulting, we did so with a view to supporting communities, farmers, and rural towns/villages in their quest to understand their environment better.

A huge part of what we do is based on practicing what we preach, and we’ve spent the last six months preparing our organisation so that we can monitor, measure, and report on our environmental impact as a company and what we’re doing to improve.

As a result, we’ve been awarded the Green Growth Pledge certification from the Welsh Assembly Government in recognition of our efforts.

The Green Growth Pledge provides a practical way for businesses to demonstrate their positive impact on the people and places around them and join a growing community of forward-thinking organisations.

In our case, this means both considering our potential impact on the environment into the decisions we make (walking/using public transport to get to meetings instead of driving, working in a “paperless” environment), and working with local community groups such as Transition Monmouth to explore ways we can support them as they implement their projects.

It also feeds into everything that we do for our customers, from the data that we help them analyse through to looking at our supply chain and how we can best source the materials and components that we purchase.

We’ll be continuing to post about the way we work and the impact it has on the environment in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for more.