Mockingbird Consulting is all about Data-Driven Decision making – using data to improve the way decisions are made. We use the same approaches that we teach our clients in order to improve the service we provide, but that comes at a cost.

Up until today we've been using Google Analytics to see what people do on our website, Facebook Pixel to see who visits us from our Facebook page, and Buffer to track which of our social media posts are performing well. Unfortunately, that has meant sharing this data with Google, Facebook, and Buffer, removing a lot of the control we have.

We've been working with Open Source Software for 20 years. Our staff are members of the Open Data Institute. We've written about why we're concerned about privacy in this incredible era of the Internet of Things, so why are we sharing data with companies who seem to abuse their position of power in holding so much data?

GDPR puts you, the customer, in charge of the data we hold on you, and if we can't control it, we can't comply with GDPR. As a result, we're moving everything in house and onto servers that we control.

How do we balance knowing how to improve against your right to privacy?

We want to collect certain information from people interacting with our website and social media feeds in order to know what customers are interested in, but we want to do this without compromising your right to privacy.

We believe that the best way to do this is by bringing all of our analytics back in-house, including website visitor statistics, link-shortening, and social media response tracking, so from today we're making the commitment to remove all third-party tracking/linking code from our website starting immediately.

What's out?

  • Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel
  • HubSpot CRM
  • / Buffer

What will we be collecting?

We collect a range of information about you as you visit this site and interact with us via social media, email, and other communication tools.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the things we'll be collecting over time where appropriate to help us work with you.

What? How? Why?
IP Address (partially anonymised) Javascript embedded in our webpage and feeding back to Matomo Web Stats We'd like to know which country and (where possible) which city people browsing our website are coming from so we can improve our offerings at a regional level.
Web Browser, Operating System, and Screen Resolution Javascript embedded in our webpage and feeding back to Matomo Web Stats This information helps us test our website and make sure that your experience when visiting is a positive one.
Interactions on Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter Mautic CRM We're interested to learn how our customers interact with our other online accounts, and may even reward customers in future for retweeting/sharing on a regular basis
Title, Name Mautic CRM When we send you an email, we'd like to use your name where we can.
Postal Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Other contact details Mautic CRM If you provide us with a means to contact you, then we will store this in our CRM solution so we can let you know about things which we think would be of interest.

What if you don't want us to collect this information?

We want to make sure that we only collect information about you with your consent, and as a result our website and CRM respect the Do Not Track header. There is a browser plugin created by the EFF called “Privacy Badger“, and we would recommend installing and configuring it to increase your online privacy.

You can also request a full record of the data we have on you, ask for it to be deleted (although there are certain situations where we have to retain information on financial transactions for legal reasons), or opt-out of any future tracking by emailing We aim to respond within 72 hours of receiving the email.

Where is the data stored?

Our web-statistics, link tracking, and CRM software is all in the UK and subject to UK/EU law. Our email is hosted in the US by Google, however we are evaluating options as to how we might move this back into the UK or away from Google without losing the benefits that we gain from the Google platform such as stability, reliability, and cross-platform tooling.

We are well aware that the GDPR will apply to the UK even once it leaves the EU, and we will ensure that data is kept secure in line with our duties under the GDPR.

Is this page your statement on being GDPR compliant?

No. We're working on a full GDPR compliance statement, and we will link to it from here once we are done.