The problem with making data-driven decisions

Data Protection, GDPR, Privacy

We use a lot of tools to manage our social media and work out how you use our website, but the recent Facebook scandal has made us review what we do and how we do it.

Working with the Exen Mini

Internet of Things

The Exen Mini is a new, tiny, arduino compatible micro-processor from Nerdonic, so when we got a chance to work with one and see how well it would shrink our IoT devices, we lept at the chance!

Helping Wales improve through the IoT

Internet of Things

Just 20% of the Welsh population believe they have influence in local matters. Less than half feel optimistic about the future. It's time for the Internet of Things to provide better feedback loops.

The Internet of Threes

io3, iot

People, Places, and Things - The three elements to a successful Internet of Things Strategy.