We started in 2017 to help rural communities and organisations make better decisions about managing the world around them.

Although we're based in the UK we have a global customer base enabling us to learn more about how climate change and pollution are affecting communities around the world.

We're committed to using Tech for Good

Think Global, Act Local

We have clients all over the world, however each of our solutions is tailored to the needs of the customer so they can better manage the world around them.

Actions, not words

We are committed to ensuring that our impact on the planet is reduced, all the while supporting our customers in their goals to manage the world more successfully.

Building the local community

Our partnership with The Things Network has meant our home-town of Monmouth was one of the first places in Wales to have a public LoRaWAN Network.

The perfect test-bed

Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Wye Valley, Monmouth's terrain and development restrictions provide a challenging environment in which to build an IoT network.

Securing the Future

Our directors have been instrumental in setting up the "Future Monmouth" and "Hack Monmouth" movements in the town to ensure that the local community has a future based on technology whilst respecting the rich heritage of the town.

Supporting Community Groups

Working with community groups, we're starting to help provide empirical evidence to support their work on transport and pollution.

Educational Support

50% of our staff are STEM Ambassadors, allowing us to provide support and workshops for schools around IoT and monitoring the environment, we're also happy to turn up to science fairs and just chat with the students about what we do.

Want to know more about what we do, or how we can help your school or community group?
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