The National Triumph

The National Survey for Wales 2016/17 is the latest version of an annual survey of over 10,000 people across all the Welsh Regions taking in their opinions on everything from well-being and finance, to housing, democracy, and government.

The headlines from the report include 82% of people in Wales being satisfied with their lives, 85% of people using the Internet, and 56% satisfaction with the Welsh Assembly Government, however at a more local level, the story is very different.

The Local Concerns

Whilst 67% are concerned about climate change and the environment, and 47% managed to reduce their energy usage in the past 12 months, only 20% of the Welsh population believe that they have influence in local matters, and less than half the population feel optimistic about the future.

With a steady rise to 59% of young people using electronic devices for more than two hours a day, and 62% of the population using alternative means of transport, it’s clear that Wales is a country that has a future that embraces both technology and caring for the environment in a way that hasn’t been seen in the past.

So how does the Internet of Things help improve these numbers?

The Internet of Things (IoT) gives us the ability to monitor the environment around us from temperature and humidity in houses, to air quality measurements and river flood levels.

The good news is that installing and maintaining a sensor network doesn’t have to cost a small fortune (our calculations suggest that you could start up a network in a town like Monmouth, Wales for around five to ten thousand pounds, with on-going maintenance costs of around three to seven thousand pounds a month), and the technologies available are suitable for rural and urban areas.

If you can monitor it, you can measure it. If you can measure it, you can make adjustments and see the impact on what you’re monitoring.
The Internet of Things can make that feedback loop almost instantaneous.

Why is Mockingbird Consulting so passionate about this?

Our reason for starting Mockingbird Consulting was to bring the two subjects of Environmental Concern and Community Engagement together.

Our low-cost, low-power Internet of Things networks and devices were forged in the local desire to relocate a children’s play area away from a busy dual-carriageway to somewhere more appropriate.

Our aim is to bring together people to collaborate and make data-driven decisions, thereby improving the area in which they live.

Our experience of delivering large-scale transformation projects and tested approaches to monitoring and metrics mean that we can work with your organisation to improve these statistics in your local area.

How do I learn more about this?

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