It’s always a cycle

Collaboration and communication are key to any Internet of Things project.

If you’re not analysing and questioning the data you are collecting, then how do you know whether you are making an impact?

The flow of the Internet of Threes

The community have ideas, which get turned into data via sensors, which is analysed for information, which the community use to foster more ideas, and so it repeats.


The Internet of People is not a new term – it includes collaboration, working practices, and using data to improve the way communities live their lives.

People are the most important part of any system — it is their decisions about adopting technologies that determine whether that technology thrives or falls by the wayside.

It is people who will be making decisions based on the data that is created through the Internet of Things, people who will determine who owns the data that they generate and, ultimately, which datasets are relevant to their lives and useful in their day-to-day routines.


The Internet of Places is the term we use for the multiple communities that are springing up around the world to manage the collection, transit and storage of data from Internet of People-generated devices.

These communities often set out to solve a local problem such as flooding or air pollution and then grow into much larger data-driven networks of sensors and analysis tools.


Finally comes the “Internet of Things”.

This is probably one of the most misunderstood phrases of the modern age.

The “things” are any device that is capable of collecting or responding to data. They then relay the results of that action over a network, allowing that data to be used by organisations to make better decisions.

It is only when the data passes from the Things, through the Places, and into the hands of the People that the Internet of Things becomes something that is useful.

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