Mockingbird Consulting has merged with riot7

We're delighted to announce that both our Farm and Estates Management solutions, and bespoke, fully managed IoT platforms division are now part of riot7.

Continue your journey with riot7

An exciting future is ahead, built on our solid foundations.

Today, Mockingbird Consulting will close its doors for the last time. It's been an amazing three and a half years and we've met incredible people along the way, many of whom have turned from being customers and suppliers into firm friends.

Our IoT solutions will merge into riot7, and our WiFi and rural broadband offerings will no longer be available. If you are a customer with an existing support contract, we will have already contacted you about this.

The merger of our IoT solutions with riot7 heralds the start of a new adventure - the promise of environmental monitoring solutions that utilise the most appropriate technologies for your organisation to solve the challenges you face, fully managed by our team, allowing you to focus on using the data to improve your operations.

We can't wait to bring you all with us on this journey, and we'll be posting details of how you can follow riot7 on social media channels in the very near future.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have spoken with us, helped us shape our offerings, or simply liked and shared our posts - we really have appreciated every single moment.

The Mockingbird Consulting Team