Understanding your environment is hard.

We provide a complete Internet of Things solution from sensors through to data analysis, allowing you to make better sense of the world you inhabit so you can manage it more effectively.


Data analysis, making better decisions, and collaborative working through the Internet of Things. We run workshops on all these topics, why not book your place on our next one?


We believe that the rural parts of the world shouldn't be left behind. Our LoRaWAN, WiFi, and other connectivity solutions ensure that your sensors can get data from their location back to your analysis platform.


Prototyping or purchasing, self-designed or mass produced, we make sure that the world around you is monitored using the best sensors available for the job.

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Our Infrastructure, Your Data.

Our expertise in designing, developing, and deploying infrastructure includes cloud platforms, data lakes, and wide-area networks, allowing you to leave the infrastructure to us knowing that your data will get where it needs to be.


The heart of our infrastructure and the moment that your sensor data starts its journey to become usable information.


The way you store your data has a massive bearing on how you can query it. We store, manage, and archive data in line with GDPR, PCI, and other regulatory frameworks.


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, or simple analytics? We guide you along the right path for your digital journey, teaching your staff as we go.

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Safety in numbers

We've partnered with the leading providers in the industry to ensure we provide world-class levels of support and guidance

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