Save money, secure your properties, manage your livestock

Reduce energy bills

Discover the parts of your property that are busiest and when they are occupied so you can plan your energy usage more efficiently

Monitor entry points and unusual visitor patterns

Check which gates, doors, shutters, and windows are open or closed at a glance of your dashboard, get alerts when people walk into areas that are off-limits

Track tools, machinery, and livestock across your premises

Utilise GPS tracking to check the position of your machinery or confirm that livestock are still in their pens and fields

Understanding your environment is hard.

If you want to learn more about your farm, think there must be a better way to manage your country estates, or find yourself struggling to manage your office environment, we have a solution

Get M.A.D


Quickly apply one of our low-cost Launch Kits to start tracking and protecting precious items such as livestock and out-buildings, or detecting suspicious vehicle movement, from your PC or mobile phone. Use the same kit to measure key acreage on your farm – for example crop temperature, humidity and air quality – without having to walk the estate.

Talk to our team about the challenges you need to solve - we'll have you up and running in no time at all.


Our managed infrastructure solution ensures that the data from the sensors makes it to your phone, tablet, PC, or other analysis platform so you can start to learn from the data straight away.

Don't have an existing analysis platform? We provide that as part of the package - we even support it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


You've collected the data, you've done the analysis, now you can make decisions in the knowledge that they're based on facts, not anecdote.

Need a hand with improving your decision making? Talk to our team about our workshops on understanding data and the basics of data science.

Get started today

Learn more about the environments you manage. Make better decisions, and save money.

Launch Kits

Get started on your journey

  • Designed for schools, offices, farms, and country estates
  • Able to monitor any indoor space from Basement to Rooftop
  • Long-range connectivity to monitor fields, outbuildings, grain silos, and vineyards
  • Discover room usage rates and heating efficiency
  • Save money on energy bills by changing heating patterns
  • Easily measure air quality, parking space occupancy, livestock/machinery tracking, and many other metrics
Managed Infrastructure

Peace of mind for data delivery

  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure to carry your data to your desktop
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring 24x7x365
  • Regular calls to ensure you're getting the best value from the platform
  • Start small, scale out - your infrastructure grows with you

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